Aquarium Maintenance
A Healthy Aquarium Requires A Regular Maintenance Routine

Aquarium And Fish Tank Maintenance

Performing a good maintenance and cleaning of the aquarium on a regular basis is essential to enjoy it without complications. Activities such as making water changes, cleaning the filter or the substrates are determinants to avoid fish diseases and achieve good water quality.

Fish droppings and other waste substances such as food debris produce ammonia, nitrites and nitrates that are toxic to aquarium animals. The waste is just deposited on the floor of the aquarium so the cleaning of the substrate is essential in our maintenance.

If you have little time or every time you have to clean the aquarium does not understand how to do it, do not worry, we take care of everything.

Aquarium maintenance services include:

Water changes using reverse osmosis (RO) water

Mechanical changes of media (filters, socks)

Window cleaning and environmental agitation.

Water proof

PH level





Supplement additions as needed

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